Smart Accounts


Full Accounting System for all business types


Smart Accounts is the common workplace for all the financial players in your business: the accountant, the cashier, the auditor and the manager. Beyond reliable balances and statements, total integration turns Smart Accounts into one more participating player in your business. Use auxiliaries and cost-centers to focus on projects or departments. Use budgets, funding analysis, or projection forecasts, for control and analysis. 


Features SMART Retail

 General Characteristics ·         

  • Very easy user interface .
  • Can run on all Microsoft operation systems .
  • Multi user capabilities Up to 25 simultaneous users .
  • Open menu interface (You can create an account while issuing a JV etc..)
  • Customizable menu  (*) .
  • Colors and fonts can be customized on user basis (by the users) .
  • Every user can work in a different Language ( English –French- Arabic ) .
  • All transactions are saved  in original currency, foreign currency and local currency. 
  • All transactions can have Cost Center , Transaction Type and Value date (*) .
  • Unlimited Currencies .
  • Multi Company (*) .
  • Multi Branches (*) .

Codifications :

  • 10 digits Account (First 4 specific to the Lebanese chart of Accounts) .
  • Third party accounts (customers & Suppliers) can be managed – (*) .
  • Journal Vouchers .
  • An advanced way of entering transactions is available (multiple Debit, Multiple Credit) .
  • A guided entry of JV can be customized by an accountant which will allow easy daily JV (One debit, One credit ) (*) .
  • Value date is available in all transactions .
  • Receipt Vouchers (*) and Payment Voucher (*) .
  • Cheques and Bills management (*) .
  • Bank Reconciliation .
  • Reports .
  • Most reports are guided through a wizard that helps the user .
  • All usual report (Statement of account, trial balance, official journal, Verification Journal ,etc…) .
  • Balance sheet,Income statement, Cash flow (Optional),Profit & lost .
  • A clever report generator allowing only the imagination & skills to be the limit of needed reports (*) .
  • All Reports can be sent by mail,exported to excel or to any other known format .


  • User levels and security levels allow the administrator of the system to define specific functions to specific users.
  • Log file maintained on the fly allows to determine which user added – modified – or even deleted any transaction and at which timestamp. (*) .
  • Backup can be made automatically at start up of the program regardless of users working or not (*) .
  • Customer Service & Support .
  • Object oriented Software (Add-ons and customization of the product made easy)
  • The programming team is ready to provide any required modification upon request .
  • Phone support during normal working hours .
  • Can be integrated with the any of our products. 
  • for example such as “Stock Manager” ,”POS system” ,“Payroll system “,” Payments module “,”Bills Management “ ) ,etc